Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Occasionally asked questions

What's this all about?

This blog was begun by SightSpeed MBA summer intern Sam Tingleff, a 2005 graduate of The Johnson School at Cornell University. He was one of the student managers of BR Ventures, Johnson's student-run venture capital fund, an investor in SightSpeed. One of the co-founders, Brad Treat, asked Peter Zottolo to update the blog after Sam's departure, which he kinda did half-heartedly, like once-a-week-ish, until the big guys said "We're gonna make you a star" and told him to update the blog daily, and so here we are. Peter has yet to be a star. But that's because he sucks. Oh, what?

So Sam has moved on to new projects, but he is still hanging around the blogosphere. See his personal blog at sam.tingleff.com. Brad himself blogs, too: mycameraview.blogspot.com.

SightSpeed was founded as QVIX Technologies, Inc. in 2001 out of research led by Professor Toby Berger at Cornell University. BR Incubator helped to incubate the company and BR Ventures provided seed funding. SightSpeed has since moved to Berkeley, CA and received an investment from The Roda Group.

What is SightSpeed?

SightSpeed turns your computer into a fully featured videophone. With SightSpeed, a PC or Mac, and a standard webcam you can make and receive video calls to anyone in the world. For just $5 per month.

Why the blog?

SightSpeed is a great service and we want to spread the word. This blog will be an outlet for user stories, news about the company, user tips and contests. You might even find some totally biased and unprofessional commentary on about this emerging personal videoconferencing industry. It's a place for us to have a little fun, and share a little knowledge outside the confines of the "corporate" website.

Where did the name come from?

Sign up for SightSpeed and you'll see...


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