Thursday, October 07, 2004

SightSpeed in the IHT

SightSpeed is mentioned in a story about cheap ways for college students to stay in touch in the International Herald Tribune [from VoIP Watch]:

Yes, I’m talking about video chatting, which is also free if you have a high-speed Internet connection. You and I each need a PC headset and a Web cam — a cheap spherical plastic movie camera that plugs into the computer — and a copy of the free SightSpeed software at Then, whenever you want to see me face to face, double-click my name in your buddy list. SightSpeed video calling is free for 15 minutes a day, or one of us could sign up for a monthly plan (like $5 per month, unlimited).

The video is far superior to the tiny, jerky, time-delayed effect of the IM chat programs and programs like Windows Messenger. It’s not nearly as good as Apple’s iChat, which offers a still bigger, smoother, clearer picture and never costs anything. But SightSpeed is available for Mac and Windows, and permits video calls between them. (You can also cross the Mac-Windows chasm by using iChat on the Mac, and either AIM 5.5 or AOL 9 on the PC.)

Not nearly as good as iChat? Where does he get this stuff?


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