Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Last 10 Minutes - I'll Have a Baby Boy To Go, Please

Gender selection is perfectly legal in the US, but not so in other parts of the world, where pesky ethics laws prevent such scientific meddling and stymie good ol' American consumerism. Jerks. Plus:

Peter Paul and Mary are up for award for being the longest living grownup-looking people ever.

You may want to leave the kids at home when going to this Farmer's Fair.

The famous ring tone you're too old to hear is here.

Spiderman outs himself. No, not that out.

Nicolas Berg was beheaded on video, & it was posted on the internet. The man allegedly behind it is dead. Were you Berg's father, would you be happy? Berg's father is not happy.

For the video report, click here.


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