Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl: An American Tradition

Whatever. What we really wanna see are the halftime show & commercials. Which both sucked, as we all stared in disgusting rapture at the virtually unrecognizable Rolling Stones display gyrations for geriatrics and lessons in air guitar. And the commercials? Yawn. Like the one from Florida. Which is at least in better taste than this one last year. And Spock, why did you stoop so low? Not even mildly funny.

But there were a few good ones. Below are my favs. Click away and have fun.

For the Video Report,
click here.

Honorable mentions: the MasterCard ones get bonus points for using MacGyver. And the Bud Light ones, despite being one of the crappiest beers ever, always elicit a begrudged smirk. The Burger King one was just weird. Wanna see em all? Click here.


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