Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You Need to Know This, or, The "I've Been Sick & This Is All You Get" Post

Mega Men and Emer'gen-C could not keep away the ills of Winter, not even now. It seems the office is a bedpan of dirty virii and icky foul stuff, which invariably found their way to me, giving me the same cold everyone else has had. Probably even you. Thanks a lot.

A video is out. Not even happening. But that's not to say I haven't found some juicy tidbits for you to munch on. Enjoy.
  • Tom Cruise eats placenta! Just kidding. But if he did, would you really be surprised?
  • Breyers Ice Cream rep: "We didn't tell them to do that. And who's got the dirty mind?"
  • God wants Mary J. Blige to wear bling. But hopefully not grillz.


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