Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tomorrow You Will Download This App

Sorry for being MIA but the SightSpeed Guy and his team have been working on some pretty heavy duty shizzle that some very influencial future-lookers have foreseen will spell out certain world domination. Therefore I urge everyone that reads this to download this free program tomorrow evening. And why will you download it? Mainly because I tell you to. Have I ever led you astray, dear readers? but also because what other program works on both PCs and Macs (I'm talking to you Meeps) and also starting tomorrow will be able to make voice-only calls to computers and telephones (Check out the super-secret hush-hush sneak preview here)? How cool is that? Plus there's more new stuff too - read all about it here.
Believe me, we're talking earth-altering technology recommended from only the highest sources. Get ready for a new type of connection.
View the video report here.


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