Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Last 10 Minutes - Paris Gets DUI, Somehow Gets More Popular

Scientists around the world may argue about the beginning of the universe, but one thing they do agree on: When the random subatomic nucleus of the universe drank too many vodka tonics and vomited into the vast emptiness of velvety space and the supernova on the other side simultaneously farted after a rough night of Indian lentils and cheese, the result was Paris Hilton - the single greatest unanimously accepted biological anomoly known to man.

Nothing can stop her: not a low-grade porn tape, acting so poor a 2-day-old scoop of brain from a blind and retarded 3-legged hamster could do better, singing so bafflingly tedious even ceiling dots count each other to prevent themselves from going mad, and now...


View the video report here.


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