Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Robert Johanson, SightSpeed user

Robert Johanson: "This is a photo of my dad. We often communicate on webcam via"

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Techdirt scoops us

Video Conference From 5 Miles Above Greenland?

Darn! Usually Mike and I like to be first to try some wacky kludge using convergence and some wireless connection, but this time, we've been trumped by Tim S. (I dunno him.)

We've heard of people testing airborne WiFi, but this is the first case I've seen of someone actually using it in a mission critical business role. Tim S. used his videoconference software from SightSpeed to attend a meeting in California and made a corporate presentation while in a Lufthansa flight between Europe and the US.
Scott Merrick's Desktop IVC Sharesite:

In tests at my school, which is very tightly firewalled, SightSpeed performed very well around the security with no additional setting tweaks, and connecting with my friend Brandon at Franklin Road Academy showed us that it does well around at least one other configuration as well.

Brandon's not yet been successful getting his network guys to NAT his Polycom around their setup! The program did crash a couple times for us, but all in all it seems to perform, as I say, very well. The video is stellar.