Sunday, October 31, 2004

Robin Good on SightSpeed 3.0

Robin Good has apparently scooped us on SightSpeed 3.0. Major new features include video mail and multi-party. We'll have more on this soon...

SightSpeed multi-party

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Skype adding video

From Engadget: Skype is adding video to their voice service:

Niklas Zennstörm, Skype chief executive and co-founder, said today that the company was currently testing a video-over-IP service.

"We can easily develop new services on top of Skype," he said. "One is video and we are expecting to deliver something next year."

He added that the firm was able to deliver a video offering currently, but was continuing development to ensue that service quality was acceptable.

Friday, October 15, 2004

GMail invite for Digital Life 2004 photos

We've got a free Gmail invite to the first person to sends us a (royalty free) photo of SightSpeed in action at Digital Life 2004.

Check us out at the Intel booth, take a photo and pass it on to me. The joy of Gmail from our overlords at Google will be yours. I know this is a long shot...

Digital Life 2004

The SightSpeed crew is at the Digital Life 2004 event in New York this weekend (I'm jealous). The Wired story has a photo of the Packet8 VideoPhone but nothing of SightSpeed or anything else at the Intel booth. This is cool stuff - where can I find more photos?

Monday, October 11, 2004

Fish Talking: Speaking Your Best with Cheryl Posey

For our first interview, we talked with Cheryl Posey of Speaking Your Best. Cheryl provides individual and group lessons on accent reduction, through her Dayton, Ohio office. Using SightSpeed Web, she's able to offer live, real-time lessons to anyone, anywhere.

Here's the Fish Talking interview with Cheryl:

How did you get into speech therapy?

My interest in speech pathology came about as a result of wanting to help people. I decided on this field because so much of our success in today's world is determined by how well we speak and can be understood by others.

What services do you provide to customers?

I specialize in accent reduction. I work with both Americans and foreign-born individuals who wish to improve their American English skills. Because there are very few comprehensive programs available on the market today, I developed my own comprehensive program, called Speaking Your Best. This program teaches standard American English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills and stress/intonation.

When did you start offering online lessons?

Originally, I conducted lessons onsite at businesses or at my Dayton, Ohio office. I looked into online lessons after receiving a request for this service from a woman in Hong Kong. Video sessions were a perfect option for distance learners.

Why did you choose SightSpeed?

After researching several options, I chose SightSpeed's video messenger software because of its ease of use and the high-quality audio and video it provides. Because I am teaching people how to pronounce sounds, they must be able to see my tongue and lips move as I speak with no time delay. SightSpeed's real time delivery provides me with these important features. I pay the monthly fee of $49.50, which allows my clients to connect to me on the internet in a matter of seconds, at no cost to them.

Has SightSpeed changed the way you think about your business?

Yes. SightSpeed has provided with me the opportunity to work with people from all parts of the world. Now, anyone can benefit from my services.

How else could SightSpeed help you succeed?

I am anxious to try SightSpeed's multi-party video software when it comes out. I would like to be able to provide small group accent reduction services.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

SightSpeed in the IHT

SightSpeed is mentioned in a story about cheap ways for college students to stay in touch in the International Herald Tribune [from VoIP Watch]:

Yes, I’m talking about video chatting, which is also free if you have a high-speed Internet connection. You and I each need a PC headset and a Web cam — a cheap spherical plastic movie camera that plugs into the computer — and a copy of the free SightSpeed software at Then, whenever you want to see me face to face, double-click my name in your buddy list. SightSpeed video calling is free for 15 minutes a day, or one of us could sign up for a monthly plan (like $5 per month, unlimited).

The video is far superior to the tiny, jerky, time-delayed effect of the IM chat programs and programs like Windows Messenger. It’s not nearly as good as Apple’s iChat, which offers a still bigger, smoother, clearer picture and never costs anything. But SightSpeed is available for Mac and Windows, and permits video calls between them. (You can also cross the Mac-Windows chasm by using iChat on the Mac, and either AIM 5.5 or AOL 9 on the PC.)

Not nearly as good as iChat? Where does he get this stuff?